Please answer this short Eligibility Test to make sure you are qualified to submit your Grant Application for the Kentucky SBIR-STTR Matching Funds Program. After review of your answers and any clarifications, and within a couple of days, you will be sent a username and password for logging on to the application section. During this 1-2 day period it is strongly recommended that you download, read, and fully understand the guidelines before applying.

The Matching Funds Program provides Matching Funding up to $150,000 for Phase I and up to $500,000 for Phase II. These Matching Funds are to be used for new and additional work tasks that are complementary to your existing Federal SBIR-STTR Award. Companies from outside of Kentucky can apply and receive conditional pre-approval for a Matching Funds Award. The distribution of any funds; however, will be contingent upon meeting all the requirements within the guidelines, including relocating your business to the state of Kentucky within 90 days of the date on the Kentucky SBIR-STTR Matching Funds Grant Agreement. This 90 day deadline is absolute and if not met will result in the funds being awarded to the next applicant. Another stipulation found in the guidelines is that a recipient of the Kentucky Matching Funds Award is required to maintain their Kentucky based status for 5 years after receipt of the final disbursement of funds.

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Eligibility Requirements
If you have received prior grants or awards administered by KSTC, are you compliant with all requirements?:*

If you have received prior grants or awards from KSTC and are not compliant with all requirements, please describe why not:

Have you been awarded a Phase I, Phase II SBIR, STTR and/or Fast-track dated after January 1, 2015? :*

Do you have a current "Certificate of Existence" issued by the Kentucky Secretary of State?:*

If you do not have a "Certificate of Existence", please explain why not:
Do you have a document of "Good Standing" obtained from the Kentucky Secretary of State's website?:*

If you do not have a "Document of Good Standing", please explain why not:
Does your business have its principal place of business in Kentucky?:*

For out of state applicants only:
Have you started your Federal Phase I or Phase II activity?:

If you have spent more than 40% of your federal Phase 1 funding or more than 20% of your federal phase 2 funding; then you will only be eligible to request a Match amount for up to the remaining federal grant amount (determined when you apply for the Matching Funds grant) up to but not to exceed $150,000 for phase 1 or $500,000 for phase 2 Matching Funds Grants.
What state are you applying from?:
When do you plan to relocate to Kentucky?: (mm/dd/yyyy)